— Locate Leakage & Unblock of Pipes —

in Nicosia & Suburbs

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Unblock of Pipes

in Nicosia & Suburbs

We undertake any kind of obstruction is carried out at the lowest market prices. Sinks, toilets, washbasins, bathtubs, gutters, drains, etc.

We offer our services in homes, apartments, apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, factories, schools, municipalities etc.

We have the most sophisticated obstructions in the market such as pressure and water jetting which can block up to concrete spills.

Locate leakage with

Thermal Camera & Ultrasound

in Nicosia & Suburbs

Our company specializes in detecting water leakage in hot-cold and heating pipes.

We have ultra-modern equipment such as thermal camera and ultrasound.

With almost 100% success, we guarantee that if we do not detect the leak, we do not charge anything.

Robotic camera for

localized broken sewer

in Nicosia & Suburbs

Diagnosis with camera is a very important tool that can facilitate immediate intervention and prevent serious damage to drains.

The camera system has the ability to detect any damage to the sewer system and display the cause of the problem on the screen.

Identifies possible existing cracks in the pipes so they can be repaired locally without having to affect much of the sewer.

High Pressure

Washing Services

in Nicosia & Suburbs

We undertake the cleaning of paving slabs, walls, marble, stone and ceramics as well as removing graffiti.

Without influencing the surface at all, the result is completely impressive.

Our specialized machines make the difference. Request a quote!

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